Vote now on smart-city solutions

Discover seven ways emerging technology could help revitalise post-pandemic Melbourne and vote to see your favourite idea brought to life in the next 12 months.

Seven teams have pitched ideas to reimagine local experiences, spaces and places to be more vibrant and inclusive, promoting social connection and creating new reasons to live, work and play in Melbourne.

Up to four successful submissions will share in $180,000 and get support to develop and deliver their proposal. Public voting is now open and closes on Wednesday 31 March.

Here’s a quick overview of the seven pitches. To find out more, watch the pitch videos.

1. Aliza Levy wants to use data-driven process to transform a public space to make us feel safer and more socially connected post-COVID.
Team: Social Spaces

2. Bonnie Shaw wants to use machine learning, city-scale visualisations and storytelling to explore how knowledge institutions power our social, economic and physical lives.
Team: The knowledge that shapes Melbourne

3. Danny Smith wants to invite people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to play classic arcade games using your body using cutting-edge tech, a playing field and a big screen.
Team: MV Arcade

4. Elizabeth Zealand wants to create greener, safer and smarter ways to use kerbs, to attract more people into the central city, whether they travel by car, bicycle or on foot.
Team: My Perfect Spot

5. Rachael Caplin wants to create an ageing economy platform for local retirees to give older people more financial freedom, social connection and opportunities to share their wisdom.
Team: sAge

6. Lizzy Moriarty wants to create Melbourne’s first gamified city run – an interactive, competitive and scalable event that enables people to experience Indigenous art in augmented reality.
Team: Art Quest

7. Sarah Fayad wants to reimagine shopfronts through technology to support businesses displaced and impacted by COVID-19 and empower the community to recover and evolve.
Team: Micro Labs

To show your support for your favourite pitch, cast your vote.

About emerging technology testbeds

The Reimagining the City Challenge is part of our emerging technology testbeds program.

Technology and data are increasingly playing a part in our daily lives, changing how we live, work and play.

We are working with the community, businesses and industry to make it possible to trial new technologies in our streets and parks to explore how they can benefit Melbourne.

This includes coordinating an emerging technology testbed focusing on 5G and the ‘Internet of Things’ in the Melbourne Innovation District in Carlton.

5G networks are important to prepare Melbourne for future technologies such as telehealth, intelligent transport systems and smart energy systems, to help create the brightest future for our city.

Working in a controlled environment, we can trial and test these technologies and work with partners to develop governance models, including protocols for data sharing, security and infrastructure design.

To find out more, visit Emerging technology testbeds.