Urban play reimagined

See the site of Victoria’s first playground transform into a contemporary children’s paradise when we start to deliver the Lincoln Square Concept Plan later this year.

Deputy Lord Mayor Arron Wood said the project will create a green oasis including 3000 square metres of new open space and a tree house-inspired playground.

‘We are returning Lincoln Square to its glory days as a pivotal location for Melburnians,’ the Deputy Lord Mayor said.

‘It was our very first playground for children. And I hope that it will again claim its premier position as we retain the 150 year old Moreton Bay fig trees, expand the children’s playground and integrate high tech features such as stormwater tanks, solar lighting, wi-fi and USB phone charging ports.

‘The new playground will be woven among the majestic Moreton Bay fig trees. It will be tactile, immersive and engaging, and importantly, it has been designed for kids of all ages and abilities.

‘It’s about imagination: from Snugglepot and Cuddlepie-inspired play spaces for toddlers set among the trees’ giant buttress roots, to adventure course climbing up into the tree canopies for older children, Lincoln Square will host Melbourne’s most majestic tree house.’

From pocket parks to our award-winning nature playground at Royal Park, there are play spaces of all spaces and sizes to explore around the municipality.

We design these spaces in collaboration with expert teams, including local children, arborists, play experts and health professionals.

‘Lincoln Square will host Melbourne’s most majestic tree house.’

Dr Barbara Chancellor from Play Australia said that safe, accessible and interesting places for children to play are invaluable amid our increasingly-sedentary, screen-focussed lives.

‘When children play, they engage in physical, social and emotional risk-taking and this is how they learn about themselves and the world around them,’ Barbara said.

‘They test their limits, challenge themselves, problem-solve – and this leads to resilience building.

‘And playgrounds aren’t the only places where children play – little pockets are dotted around the city that inspire children to skip, hop, climb, dance and gather in playful encounters.’

View the concept plans for Lincoln Square.


‘We’ve got some great play spaces in our area, such as Royal Park. I find it fascinating to watch the evolution of playgrounds, with the incorporation of more natural materials and more ‘wild’ space. Now that my son is six, he is more interested in climbing and jumping than using traditional playgrounds.’ Farida

‘I love jumping, climbing and playing tag. My dream playground would have big stones to climb on and lots of trees.’ Oli

An artist’s impression of a treehouse-inspired playground

A sketch of the new playground design