Top 6 brainy events in bars

Delve into dark matter, consider a career in e-sports and learn how to stay woke when you talk to young people at Raising the Bar – a night of free talks in the city on Wednesday 13 November.

We’re presenting 20 talks in 10 bars, including Horse Bazaar, Bar Ampere and The Oxford Scholar. So settle in for the evening or bar-hop to hear about topics that interest you.

Here are six top talks not to miss. Be quick before they book out.

1. Why don’t dads take parental leave?
As women carve out space in the workforce, start families and work flexibly, hear from a researcher about why fewer men are following suit. Is it because they don’t want to, or are they exit blocked?

2. It’s lit, I’m shook, weird flex but okay – stay woke with young people
New words are being soaked into our vernacular almost daily. Hear four teenagers speak about the ‘lazy millennial’ stigma, instant gratification culture and the future of education. This is an alcohol-free event.

3. Who needs artists in a climate crisis?
According to Margaret Atwood, we’re no longer talking about climate change, we are facing ‘everything change’. What does this mean for the arts? Hear from an artist who’s been exploring this for 10 years.

4. What do Aboriginal cities look like?
Our cities and urban spaces are overwhelmingly built to mimic cities of Europe. Find out how we can move beyond tokenism to bring Aboriginal cultural principles into the heart of architectural practice.

5. Can computers be creative?
If a computer can produce everything from poetry to (fake) porn, is it creative? Hear from an AI expert about whether software can be genuinely creative and what this means for society.

6. Trivia Academia
If you haven’t been playing trivia based on the niche study areas of local PhD candidates, have you really been playing trivia? Hear short presentations, cram, then answer questions.

View the full program and book your free tickets at Raising the Bar.

Raising the Bar is part of our Melbourne Conversations series.