3 brilliant small businesses

From saving more than 85,000 single-use takeaway bowls to inventing a smart plug that helps people take care of older relatives, our grant recipients do amazing work.

As a City of Enterprise, we have supported almost 400 small businesses with more than $8.3 million in funding through our small business grants program since it began in 1996.

Between 2006 and 2016 alone, these grants helped local businesses generate $71 million in gross turnover, $58 million in equity investment, $3 million in export earnings and more than 900 jobs.

Here are three inspiring initiatives awarded funding through both our small business and social enterprise grant programs this year.

1. Unpackaged Eco
Reduce your waste thanks to a local business piloting smart technology that helps shops sell products without packaging.

Consumers can track the difference they’re making to the planet, and sales are exceeding expectations. We can’t wait to see this startup grow.

2. BookBot
Adrian DeWitts created the BookBot app to help his dyslexic son Forrester improve his reading skills, with great results.

Using voice recognition technology, BookBot helps children with reading difficulties learn more independently, complementing face-to-face time with parents and teachers.

3. Worksmith Ella
Melbourne’s bartenders of tomorrow are in training at this new coworking space for the beverage industry, which features a high-tech bar laboratory.

The grant money will go towards purchasing a rotary evaporator system, which can extract flavours from fresh food.

To find out more, visit Small business grants.