Seven unexpected artworks in North Melbourne

Receive a palm-reading like no other, experience life from a Deaf artist’s perspective and take an elevator trip that will expand your horizons at Arts House in North Melbourne from 8 to 18 April.

After a long period of uncertainty for the creative community, Housewarming will see Arts House throw open its doors to culture-hungry Melburnians for a free program of unexpected experiences suitable for all ages.

Here are seven evocative artworks not to miss during the school holidays.

1. North Melbourne Constellation
By Robin Fox
See the lofty main hall at Arts House transformed with lasers and a staggering number of crystal balls. Created by one of Australia’s most acclaimed sound and light artists, this experience is as expansive as the night sky.

2. As We Bloom
By Irihipeti Waretini and Bella Waru
Step into a series of serene, fragrant settings in which the cycles of nature echo the flourishing of the community surrounding the artists. These gentle spaces are home to a series of moving portraits that evoke our potential for growth through challenging times.

3. Deep Clean
By Andy Butler
This meditative video installation explores the gap between discussions of decolonisation and diversity and the lived experiences of people from marginalised communities. Focusing on the often invisible work performed by cleaners and other service workers, this work exposes disparity.

4. Elevation
By Aviva Endean, Matthias Schack-Arnott and Samara Hersch
Skip the stairs and take the lift to discover a trio of artists reinventing elevator music for the post-pandemic age. Experience the liminal space of the elevator like never before, as walls and ceiling resonate and claustrophobia gives way to the limitless potential of sound.

5. Listen
By Chelle Destefano
A gentle, affecting suite of video works that detail the hidden challenges faced by Deaf people within an audist culture. Through performance poetry, projection and textiles, the artist invites you to reflect on the frustrations that Deaf people face in their day-to-day lives.

6. Palmistry of Pointlessness
By Matto Lucas
Matto’s here to offer you a very accurate and totally-not-pointless palm-reading… because in this day and age, even witches, soothsayers and mystics need a 9-to-5 gig. This satirical take on office life invites you to lay down your palms for a one-on-one reading like no other.

7. The Re-Enactors: The Walking Reading Group
By Amaara Raheem and Zoe Scoglio
Join a lively discussion about care while you roam through the streets of North Melbourne. This experience asks participants to read a small selection of texts before collectively digesting them. Bring comfortable shoes, a bottle of water, willingness to talk to strangers and a curious mind.

To find out more, visit Housewarming.