Rescue unwanted items from landfill with charityBay

Save your unwanted household items from landfill and support charities by listing quality items on charityBay, an award-winning online marketplace and mobile app.

charityBay has been named the winner of our Open Innovation Competition 2020, which saw inspirational Melburnians pitch their innovative ideas for waste elimination and how to create a more circular economy.

Co-founder and CEO of charityBay Haidar Al-fallouji said the platform enables people to donate quality items that are too often discarded as landfill to be sold online, with the proceeds going to charity.

Haidar’s career as a pilot took a turn after he attended a series of charity events with his partner, who works in the disability sector, and felt compelled to give back. When he saw useful items mounting up in the hard waste collection area of his apartment building, the idea for charityBay was born.

‘It was heartbreaking to know that these unwanted items could end up in landfill. I saw an opportunity to increase their lifespan and help people give back, so I started building the charityBay website,’ said Haidar.

‘Following the bushfires, and now living through a pandemic, it is clear to me that there is an overwhelming sense of community among people. Regardless of who you are, most people would like to give back if they are given the opportunity. We are here to make it easier for people to do good.

‘We see the other major online marketplaces as our role models. They have done a great job of setting up the culture of online shopping and charityBay works alongside these platforms, providing a solution for people who simply want to get rid of items, rather than make a profit for themselves.’

As well as winning first prize in the Open Innovation Competition, charityBay also won entrance into the MAP Velocity Program , a Product Discovery Workshop with Mo Works, and a special prize package courtesy of Startup Victoria.

The team also won the International Prize, which provides them the opportunity to test their concept in our partner city of Bandung in Indonesia. The impressive accolades and cash prize will help charityBay get exposure and engage new users.

If you are interested in trying out charityBay, the team encourages you to join its Spring Cleaning Challenge.

‘Winning the Open Innovation Competition was highly unexpected and very much appreciated,’ said Haidar, who worked long hours at Library at the Dock to develop charityBay.

‘We really believe in what we are doing and work hard on it day and night, but to be surrounded by such an elite group of people with such great ideas and concepts was an honour.

‘For the fantastic panel to recognise and feel the same way about charityBay that we do was truly one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in recent years.’

Haidar’s top tip for entrepreneurs

Everyone should build their passion project based on feedback, however – while getting great advice is so important – you can never reach a solution that is going to please everyone.

Ensure that you always come back to the core reason why you came up with your idea in the first place, and allow your brand to have its own personality, rather than being too influenced by others.

To find out more, visit Open Innovation Competition.