Reimagine the future at Melbourne Knowledge Week

Join Melbourne’s brightest minds to solve historical crimes in augmented reality, learn about ‘doughnut economics’ and much more at Melbourne Knowledge Week from 26 April to 2 May.

The festival will feature more than 100 in-person and online events devised in collaboration with local and international experts, including artists, academics, economists and biomedical scientists.

Four hubs at locations across the city will host a wide range of unique, COVID-safe events – the vast majority of which are free to attend.

Immersive installations and city tours will encourage audiences to playfully explore, share and learn, and a digital hub will expand the festival’s reach across the globe.

Whether you are interested in technology, digital ethics, human- centred design, entrepreneurship, creativity, wellbeing or something completely different, there is something for you at Melbourne Knowledge Week.

Here’s how you can get involved in the festival program.

1. Learn from experts

Hear from the pros about sustainable economies, the rise of cryptocurrencies and how to pandemic-proof the future. Be inspired by big thinkers from around the world, in person and online.

2. Share your ideas

Deep-dive into tough topics like climate change, ethics and the afterlife through board games, book clubs and hands-on workshops. Working together, we can help shape a bright future for our city.

3. Build your network

Discover ideas for city activation as local innovators pitch their ideas, explore a showcase of local startups, and attend networking sessions for Aboriginal entrepreneurs and international students.

4. Enjoy a mindful meal

Book a zero-waste lunch at Cumulus Inc hosted by OzHarvest and Rotary Melbourne or delve into the story of Gelam the dugong at a dinner event by Mabu Mabu.

5. Inspire your family

Build new toys from old favourites, co-create a ‘wild city’, get your hands dirty to create your own biodiverse garden and play Dungeons & Dragons with a biometric mirror.

6. Blow your mind

Receive a voice message from another version of you from a parallel universe, talk to a person from history using artificial intelligence and explore future Melbourne through Prototype City.

Event spotlights

Keynote Speaker Kate Raworth
Digital Hub (online)
Wednesday 28 April, 7pm to 8pm

Learn about Kate’s provocative ‘doughnut economics’ paradigm that shows how economies can comfortably function while looking after all people and the environment.

This live event will feature a digital keynote presentation, live Q&A and facilitated small-group conversations about how we can incorporate these ideas into our work and lives.

A Circular Future
Wesley Place Hub, 130 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Saturday 1 May, 2pm to 5pm

Join an interactive workshop to explore how can we move from resource-draining ‘take, make, waste’ linear systems to a progressive circular economy.

Hosted by UnSchool, this event invites you to understand the complex systems you participate in every day, and recognise your agency to affect change.

Wild City
Meat Market Hub, 3 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne
Visit any time while the hub is open

Explore a thriving green metropolis shared equally by humans and animals and co-create new, welcoming urban habitats.

Created by Kathy Holowko in collaboration with scores of local children, the Wild City exhibition invites kids to consider how we can improve the quality of living in our urban ecosystems by being more considerate to animals.

Melbourne Knowledge Week is proudly presented by the City of Melbourne. Explore the 2021 festival program.