New neighbourhood art

Take a stroll along Grattan Street in Parkville or Childers Street in Kensington to check out new temporary artworks surrounding Metro Tunnel worksites.

Parkville’s artwork – called Pretty Little Things – was created by local design company The Cutaway, based on images taken under a microscope by scientists at the University of Melbourne, and parts of it glow in the dark.

In Kensington, renowned street artist Mike Maka has been working with four other talented painters to create a rainbow-coloured mural that tells a story inspired by ideas from the local community.

‘Art is a sign of a healthy community, because it’s a form of expression,’ Mike said.

‘There was a very long list of ideas submitted for the concept, so I’ve tried to accommodate a lot of these into a coherent design.

‘Luckily the wall is 100 metres long, so we can fit a lot in.’

Some of the ideas local residents wanted to portray in the artwork included sport, walking dogs in JJ Holland Park, and the multicultural, village-like feel of the area.

‘I love the creative process, where I translate an idea through my hands into a visual,’ Mike said.

‘I also love collaborating with talented people, when there is improvisation on a basic concept, to create something that nobody could have imagined beforehand.’

These artworks are part of the Metro Tunnel Creative Program, which which aims to enhance city life alongside the construction of the Metro Tunnel.