Help us grow a greener Melbourne

Transform where you live into a green oasis with grants of up to $5000 from our Urban Forest Fund. Applications close 31 January.

We created the fund to accelerate greening across our city through partnerships with like-minded people, supporting proposals including tree planting, biodiversity projects, vertical greening and urban agriculture.

The science tells us that climate change will make our city drier and hotter, and the Urban Forest Fund is a great way to take positive action and help prepare for these effects.

Trees, plants and green spaces are critical infrastructure to help to cool urban areas, provide habitat for our unique native animals, stop biodiversity loss, improve people’s health and wellbeing, and create a beautiful, liveable city.

What’s more, properties on tree-lined streets can be valued up to 30 per cent higher than others.

To date, the Urban Forest Fund has provided more than $1.2 million in grants to projects on private property. This will help create green spaces for the public to enjoy equivalent to the size of more than 30 tennis courts.

We’re now offering a round of smaller Habitat Grants – worth up to $5000, with dollar-for-dollar matching – perfectly suited to residential owners’ corporations seeking to green and cool their space.

For inspiration, here are four projects funded in round two of the Urban Forest Fund. Many of these initiatives can be achieved on a smaller scale at your place, with the help of a Habitat Grant.

1. Haines Street
This community-led greening project at a North Melbourne apartment building will focus on creating green space where inner-city children can play. It will be delivered by the owners’ corporation.

2. Printmakers Lane
This laneway greening project at the University of Melbourne will feature climbing and ground-level plants, passive irrigation and great design, providing shade in a hot, busy student area.

3. Tribeca
This common-property project in East Melbourne will trial an approach to greening dark and windy places. It will include new trees, biodiversity gardens, stormwater reuse, a green façade and more.

4. Victoria Point
This massive green open space on the Marvel Stadium concourse between Southern Cross station and Harbour Esplanade will be delivered by the owners’ corporation of a local apartment complex.

Janette Corcoran, one of the leaders of the Victoria Point project, said residents are looking forward to transforming their expanse of concrete into a welcoming, green oasis.

‘Victoria Point residents love living in Docklands and we want to see our neighbourhood flourish in ways that nourish and enrich the experience of being here,’ Janette said.

‘Greening projects have the potential to change the tone of our city – transforming areas that appear hard and uninviting to places where residents, workers and visitors feel they would like to come.’

‘We intend to really make the most of the support offered by City of Melbourne.’

Visit us online to read about more projects, and plan your application, visit Urban Forest Fund.

To find out which plants will attract native birds and support biodiversity at your place using our Urban Nature Planting guide, or arrange a garden assessment through our Gardens for Wildlife program, visit Urban Nature.