Have your say on our new neighbourhood plans

Have your say and help build a more inclusive, sustainable and empowered city, made up of many unique neighbourhoods.

Understanding and responding to our community is central to the way we work at the City of Melbourne and – as we strive to make life better than ever post-COVID – your voice has never been more important.

So we’re asking residents, business owners, visitors and students to share their thoughts about the unique strengths, needs and outlooks of each pocket of Melbourne.

Your neighbourhood

While we’re all Melburnians at heart, the services and support needed by each neighbourhood naturally differ, based on their unique demographics, opportunities and challenges.

This is why we’re taking an approach that focuses on our neighbourhoods, to capture, connect and respond to the specific needs of the community in a highly localised way.

Our new neighbourhood approach will focus on the following areas:

  • Carlton
  • CBD
  • Docklands
  • East Melbourne
  • Kensington
  • North Melbourne
  • Parkville
  • Southbank
  • South Yarra
  • West Melbourne.

Localised community engagement

For the first time, we will develop new and localised neighbourhood plans alongside communities, recording and responding to your ideas in a digital and real-time plan.

Ideas will be considered against Council priorities and presented online alongside relevant resources and project updates to give you a clear understanding of what we are delivering.

Conversation starters

  1. What makes your neighbourhood unique, and a great place to live?
  2. What services, facilities or support would make life better?
  3. When you picture your neighbourhood in its ideal state, what does it look like?

To have your say, visit Participate Melbourne.