Five ways to nerd out on Council data

Find a spot for a rooftop garden, see our future city in 3D and research your business idea on our Open Data website.

Data is one of the most powerful tools we have to help create a great city for people. We make more than 200 data sets freely available online, from pedestrian counters to wellbeing statistics.

This data helps people understand the challenges facing our city, and makes it easier for innovators to collaborate and develop the best solutions for the community.

Here are five ways to start exploring Council data.

1. Explore our urban forest
Discover the locations, species and life expectancies of more than 70,000 trees.

2. See our future skyline
Visualise our city’s past, present and future built environment in 3D.

3. Get career inspiration
Explore employment forecasts and our city’s most popular industries.

4. Supercharge your startup
Sharpen up your business plan with the latest population data.

5. Plan your day out
Find a place to park, public toilets, drink fountains and more.

Did you know
As the Earth’s tectonic plates shift, our in-house data experts update our map coordinates to help you get where you need to go and find things easily, from barbecues to bike hoops.

For more information, visit Open Data.