Five ways to make reconciliation more than a word

Reconciliation takes action and it starts with you. Deepen your understanding of Aboriginal history, culture and achievement with the following National Reconciliation Week activities.

1. Tune in to this year’s National Reconciliation Week oration

Hear from Aboriginal activist, anthropologist and geographer Professor Marcia Langton as she presents the City of Melbourne’s National Reconciliation Week oration for 2021. The event will be live-streamed from the Aboriginal Melbourne Facebook page on Thursday 27 May from 12.30pm.

You can also catch up on previous National Reconciliation Week orations by prolific author and Aboriginal literacy advocate Anita Heiss, and journalist, correspondent and author Professor Stan Grant.

2. Go on a treasure hunt to discover our pop-up collection of Aboriginal grass art

Can you find all 10 artworks designed by Aboriginal artist Dixon Patten and painted in large scale in parklands and grassed areas around Melbourne? Be sure to share your photos using #NRW2021. Need clues on where to find the artworks? You can use this interactive Grass Art Map.

3. Take part in the full National Reconciliation Week programming

Settle in for storytelling and creative adventures and learn traditional Wurundjeri dances. Check out the full program of activities for people of all ages.

4. Read these recommended titles

Deepen your understanding of Aboriginal history, culture and achievement with this reading list for National Reconciliation Week that features books by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers, new literature and thought-provoking topics.

5. Schedule a reconciliation tour of our city

Take a wander from Fitzroy Gardens to the Docklands Harbour to learn about Melbourne’s Aboriginal heritage and culture, including scarred trees, historical meeting places and monuments. Schedule your self-guided Aboriginal Melbourne walking tour, or take a virtual tour.

For more information, visit our National Reconciliation Week page.