Melbourne Music Week hub aims for zero waste

Visit the Melbourne Music Week festival hub, which aims to be zero waste, and experience our city as a global music capital this November.

Since it began 10 years ago, Melbourne Music Week has showcased more than 2200 acts to more than 350,000 music lovers. This year’s event is set to be bigger than ever, with a continued focus on sustainability.

For the second year in a row, Melbourne Music Week will be certified carbon neutral in 2019, which means the carbon emissions of all events will be measured and reduced where possible.

The remaining carbon footprint will be offset by projects that reduce emissions elsewhere, such as reforestation and Aboriginal land management projects.

Meanwhile, the festival hub is set to use both harvested stormwater and 100 per cent renewable electricity sourced through the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project wind farm, a unique partnership project that powers all Council operations.

Reusable cups will also make a return to the festival hub this year, meaning when you order drinks at the bar you will be contributing to the venue’s zero-waste goal.

We also encourage attendees to walk, cycle, use public transport and not print their tickets to reduce their environmental impact.

From the Live Music Safari to legendary techno, there’s something for everyone this Melbourne Music Week, which runs from 14 to 23 November.

Explore the full program and book tickets online at Melbourne Music Week.