Meet your Council

The City of Melbourne has welcomed its newly-elected Council.

Here is a brief introduction to the Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and councillors. To find extended biographies and contact details, visit Lord Mayor and councillors.

Lord Mayor Sally Capp

Re-elected in November 2020 after having previously been elected in May 2018

Sally began her career as a solicitor and was the first woman to hold the post of Agent-General for Victoria in the UK, Europe and Israel. She has also served as the CEO for the Committee for Melbourne and COO of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Sally has held senior roles at both KPMG and ANZ, and she took the small business she co-founded to the ASX. Most recently she was Victorian Executive Director of the Property Council of Australia. A passionate Magpies supporter, in 2004 Sally made history as the first female board member of Collingwood FC. She is involved in a number of charities.

Sally is the first woman to be directly elected as Lord Mayor.

‘The people of Melbourne are great collaborators and we’ve seen the benefits of this during COVID-19. As restrictions ease, we are rediscovering what we love about the city, and what we have taken for granted. I am excited about what we have planned for Melbourne’s future to drive positive change.’

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Deputy Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece

Elected Deputy Lord Mayor in November 2020, after having previously been elected Councillor in 2016

Nick is an executive in Chancellery at the University of Melbourne and holds an academic position of principal fellow and teaches at the Melbourne School of Government. Nick is the chairman of global men’s health charity Movember and, for more than 10 years, he was a director for the street newspaper The Big Issue.

Nick has considerable experience in government and policy making, having worked as a senior adviser to Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Victorian premiers Steve Bracks and John Brumby. He is a commentator for SKY News and a regular columnist for The Age.

‘Melbourne has been hit hard by COVID-19, but we are going to come roaring back. During this time, we’ve seen what the city can do, from taking action on homelessness to pivoting to outdoor dining. I am so excited about the four years we have in front of us.’

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Councillor Olivia Ball

Olivia has lived, worked and studied in the City of Melbourne for most of her life. With a Masters and PhD in human rights, and experience working in women’s, children’s, refugees’, workers’ and older people’s rights, she brings human rights expertise to the diverse activities of Council, from the affordability of housing to the accessibility of our city and democracy.

A published author, Olivia also has a science degree, giving her skills in assessing evidence and applying research. Most recently, she has been studying urban planning.

‘What I want to do on Council is to take this current crisis, which is consuming us so much, and give birth to a new world – a better Melbourne, with better outcomes for human rights and the environment. A fairer, more affordable, more sustainable Melbourne.’

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Councillor Roshena Campbell

Roshena is a barrister with expertise in commercial law and corporate governance. Prior to that she was a solicitor with a leading national law firm for nearly a decade. She has represented some of Australia’s largest companies as well as state and local government bodies.

Roshena has put down deep roots since moving to Melbourne as a 20-year-old and has lived, worked and studied in the City of Melbourne. She has three young children. She is passionate about contributing to Melbourne’s re-emergence as a vibrant, thriving city. Her priority is ensuring that Melbourne is Australia’s greatest city to do business in and the destination of choice for families to live and visit.

‘I love Melbourne’s vibrancy and rich culture. I am delighted to see the return of workers and visitors and the reopening of beloved restaurants and attractions. I believe there is so much we can do to positively shape the city over the coming four years.’

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Councillor Jason Chang

Jason is co-founder and CEO of Calia, a restaurant-to-retail brand created in Melbourne specialising in quality products and ingredients. His hospitality and retail group employs hundreds of people across his stores in Melbourne and Asia, and for his online store operations.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Jason knows all too well the devastating impact that COVID-19 is having onMelbourne’s beloved hospitality, retail, international student and tourism industries.

‘I love going to restaurants and cafes around Melbourne. As a small business owner and trader, I understand the pain and suffering businesses are feeling right now. I really want to give them a voice and show them that we’re here to help to revive the city.’

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Councillor Elizabeth Mary Doidge

Elizabeth was born, raised, and has lived her entire life in Melbourne. She has a proud career in the trade union movement, playing a key role in communication and stakeholder engagement. Elizabeth currently works in the construction sector engaging with a diverse range of industry and community stakeholders.

Elizabeth recognises the important role Council will play in the recovery of our city and the opportunity presented to Council to contribute to the design of a more productive, inclusive and enriched city for all.

‘The pandemic has had a devastating impact on everybody, but this period of change also presents opportunities to restructure some things that didn’t work so well before and help make Melbourne a better, more enriched place – a more inclusive place for everybody.’

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Councillor Davydd Griffiths

Davydd moved to Melbourne to study in 1993 and since that time has lived or worked in the City of Melbourne. Davydd worked as a school teacher for many years and remains passionate about the power of education to transform lives and connect communities. After leaving teaching he worked as
a policy advisor in both education and health with a particular focus on community health provision, men’s health and mental health.

Addressing the impact of loneliness, particularly in rapidly transforming urban communities, is another of Davydd’s key interests. In recent years, Davydd has owned and operated hospitality venues in Kensington and West Melbourne and has experienced first-hand the impacts of COVID-19 on business.

‘I have a pub in West Melbourne and I do my banking at the other end of town just so I can walk through the city and see it change. I’m excited to help bring people back into Melbourne after the disconnection and isolation of the COVID experience.’

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Councillor Jamal Hakim

Jamal is Managing Director of a national health non-profit that has safely and successfully navigated COVID-19. Having worked in complex, challenging global organisations his entire career, he is both an entrepreneur and business person at heart. Jamal is a GAICD and holds a number of board roles, including with Democracy in Colour, Marie Stopes PNG and previously with Midsumma Festival.

A resident of Docklands for 12 years, Jamal is passionate about ensuring a thriving community that is physically, emotionally, culturally and environmentally safe for everyone. Jamal is also an advocate for representative and evidence-based decision making.

‘What I really love about our great city is the diversity and intersectionality of people that live, work and visit here. We have this amazing community that is so fun, adventurous and inclusive. We need change that is driven by the people.’

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Councillor Philip Le Liu

Re-elected in November 2020 after having previously been elected in 2016

Philip is a local resident and a long-time worker within the City of Melbourne. With more than 10 years of experience across a variety of sectors, including government, utility, telecommunication, and financial services, Philip is a trusted adviser to many in the community, business, and government sectors.

Philip is a regular speaker at conferences and on panels across Australia and Asia, and he speaks on key issues in the media. In 2019, he was recognised as one of 40 Under 40 Most Influential Asian-Australians and winner of the Public Sector/Government category. Outside of council, Philip is an entrepreneur and heavily involved in helping local communities.

‘I love that Melbourne is so diverse and multicultural. During my first four years on Council I learnt a lot and enjoyed helping people, especially the business owners, residents and students, that call Melbourne home. The best of Melbourne is yet to come and we all have a role to play in her
success. Vires Acquirit Eundo.’

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Councillor Rohan Leppert

Re-elected in November 2020 after having previously been elected in 2016 and 2012

Rohan is a member of the Victorian Greens. He has lived in the City of Melbourne his entire adult life and currently lives and works in Kensington. He has worked as a musician and teacher for more than 15 years, and more recently as an urban planner. Rohan is a board member of the Municipal Association of Victoria, an associate of the Planning Institute of Australia and a member of the National Trust (Victoria).

Rohan’s priority and passion as councillor is planning Melbourne in the public interest, for a more economically just, environmentally sustainable, accessible and creative city for future generations.

‘As a returning councillor, I know how hard economic recovery is going to be, but I also feel that we’ve got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the city more affordable, environmentally sustainable, and to bring creative practitioners back into the middle of the city to work and live.’

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Councillor Kevin Louey

Re-elected in November 2020 after having previously been elected in 2016, 2012 and 2008

Kevin has extensive experience across the business, government and community sectors and spent seven years at the City of Melbourne as Chief of Staff to the former Lord Mayor John So, before being elected as a councillor in 2008.

Kevin has been the City of Melbourne’s appointment to the advisory committees including Enterprise Melbourne Pty Ltd and Business Partner City Network. Kevin is passionate about working with small business and activating the city to increase visitation.

‘Over 20 years on Council, I have enjoyed seeing the city change. We will continue to focus on business support and reactivation as we meet the challenges of COVID-19 and embrace opportunities for recovery. I look forward to working together for another four years.’

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