City cleaning services expanded

A cleaning blitz is underway across the city in a bid to improve cleanliness to help combat COVID-19 and bolster community confidence.

The City of Melbourne has ramped up cleaning services, with a focus on sanitisation, cleaning frequently touched surfaces, removing litter and increasing street sweeping.

Recent activities include high-pressure cleans of street furniture. New soap dispensers have been installed in toilet blocks in our busiest public parks.

We’ve also increased the frequency of cleaning our public toilets.

The deep cleans we’ve stepped up include sanitising drinking fountains and high-pressure hot washing of toilets, bin surrounds and barbecues.

‘This is a crucial time to maintain cleanliness both for public health and public confidence,’ Lord Mayor Sally Capp said. ‘Extra cleaning regimes will help reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

‘We’re making sure Melbourne is thoroughly cleaned, and we’re focussing on priority areas.’

The Lord Mayor said the City of Melbourne is conscious of community concerns during this time.

‘This is a challenging time for everybody. Now more than ever it’s important that we get the essential services right,’ the Lord Mayor said.

‘Not only will we be undertaking more work to help keep our streets clean, additional cleaning and sanitisation is a very practical way for the City of Melbourne to respond to this challenge and improve health and wellbeing.’

The expanded activities build on regular services we provide year-round like rubbish collection, recycling and street cleaning. The City of Melbourne invests $13.6 million a year in cleaning contracts and almost $1 million in graffiti removal.