CEO’s message

Melbourne is Australia’s fastest growing city, driving the nation’s economy by contributing almost a third to all growth in gross domestic product.

Our talent pool also runs deep. The City of Melbourne is home to 227,000 students, nearly 40,000 of whom are international students, demonstrating our city’s global popularity.

In fact, our data tells us that one million people enter the central city on a busy day now. That will be the norm by 2030.

But while there is physical transformation in how our city looks and moves, we are also transitioning into a knowledge economy, in which Melbourne must compete globally as a City of Progress.

The City of Melbourne and our municipality’s acclaimed universities run numerous projects that exemplify innovation. Strengthening the existing and emerging innovation districts in our city will be the key to creating jobs of the future.

Last year, we launched a major collaboration in the north of the city, together with the University of Melbourne and RMIT: Melbourne Innovation Districts.

The project will focus initially on the ‘City North’ Innovation District – an area already rich with students, start-ups, research and a distinct urban heritage. Our aim is to make this part of Melbourne Australia’s most attractive destination for the knowledge sector.

Liveability is one of the key reasons why Melbourne has a great culture of home-grown start-ups. We can’t be complacent about continuing to protect and invest in Melbourne as a place for people. It is our responsibility as a council to nurture and grow our knowledge precincts, and to continue to enhance the quality of our public realm.

We know that a nimble approach – trialling ideas, piloting projects and collaborating with others – will position our city for growth. So this is the approach we will take.

I am excited to see our City of Progress continue to evolve, building on its vibrant existing character towards a prosperous and creative future.

Read on to discover highlights of Melbourne Knowledge Week and many more projects that are shaping the way we will live our lives in future Melbourne.

Chief Executive Officer
Ben Rimmer