Business, retail and events prosper

The Firelight Festival will once again light up Docklands thanks to a $700,000 investment by the City of Melbourne.

This key event, which generated $5 million for the local economy last year, continues to invigorate Docklands in the cold winter months.

As Melburnians know, Melbourne is Australia’s events capital, with hundreds of events taking place across the city every year. These events, both big and small, add to the unique character of our city, offer enriching experiences and contribute significantly to our local economy.

This is why the City of Melbourne has committed to investing in events around the city as part of Council’s draft Annual Plan and Budget 2019–20.

Funding for other events, which have become significant to Melbourne’s business community over the years, includes $2.5 million for the Council’s events partnership program and triennial sponsorship program. These programs have sponsored more than 500 events over 10 years.

The draft Budget also includes expenditure on Melbourne’s small business, retail and hospitality sector, including $500,000 for the annual small business grants program and $100,000 for the business event sponsorship program. Small business makes up 80 per cent of the municipality’s businesses.

Council will also fund $250,000 in marketing and promotion to support our much-loved independent retailers across the city.

To keep up to date with the latest events, or to find small businesses in your area, visit What’s On Melbourne.