$29 million investment in public open space

Public open space projects will receive a $28.7 million boost over the coming year as part of the City of Melbourne’s 2019–20 draft Budget.

The investment will focus on the creation and renewal of public open space to cater for Melbourne’s growing population, including the densely populated suburbs of Southbank and Docklands.

The Council’s goal is to add more than 12 MCGs-worth of public open space to the city over the next 15 years.

Southbank Promenade will receive a $5.1 million investment to revitalise a 300 metre section of the shared walkway from Princes Bridge in the east, to Evan Walker Bridge in the west. This project will improve public open space on the riverside promenade with new paving, improved public lighting and enhanced growing conditions for the trees.

Southbank Boulevard will also receive attention with $11.9 million to continue upgrade works from St Kilda Road to City Road. The new Southbank Boulevard cycle path will be complete by late 2019 and will provide a new route for commuter cyclists to access the city.

The full $47 million project, which will create 2.5 hectares of new public open space and neighbourhood parklands on Southbank Boulevard, is due for completion in 2020.

This year, the City of Melbourne will also invest $3.4 million towards a joint $7.53 million project with CBUS to create a new 2000 square metre public open space for Market Street alongside the Collins Arch development.

This will be the first park created in the central city since the City Square was developed in the 1970s. The new park will provide open space in an area of Collins Street that is used by 40,000 pedestrians each day.

The draft Budget also revealed that Seafarers Rest Park, on the north bank of the Yarra in Docklands, will receive a $1 million investment for renewal works, in partnership with the Victorian Government and developer Riverlee.

As backyards in the inner city are shrinking and more people are living in apartment blocks, Council’s plan to expand open space will ensure that residents and workers are able to enjoy more open spaces for recreation, public gatherings and relaxation.

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