Spring Clean spotlights mindful waste disposal

Reducing the impact of waste is central to our commitment to plan for a growing population and provide a safe, clean city where people love to live, work and play.

Every spring, we offer residents additional free waste collection services to help people dispose of unwanted items mindfully, and spruce up the city.

As the university year draws to a close, students may be particularly interested in disposing of unwanted items through our annual Spring Clean.

First and foremost, we are encouraging people to avoid creating waste in the first place. To find out more, visit Six top tips to reduce your waste.

However, if you do need to dispose of waste, it is important to dispose of it correctly. If an unwanted item is too good to throw away, find out how to sell it or give it away.

If an item no longer usable, be sure to dispose of it mindfully. To find out more, visit What goes in your bin.

To book an extra hard-waste collection this spring, call 9658 9658 or visit Spring Clean.

There will also be an e-waste recycling day on 21 September at Argyle Square. For more information, visit Electronic waste.