Maternal and child health services move online

The birth of a baby is the happy news even COVID-19 can’t spoil. After this joyful event, new parents are quickly linked to our free maternal and child health service.

During the current restrictions, we have made adjustments to continue to deliver this all-important health support online.

Even though our maternal and child health centres are closed due to social distancing requirements, staff members remain in contact with families through telephone or electronic consultations.

The team sends out SMS messages to remind parents of existing appointments. Nurses can then talk to parents in a number of ways, from Zoom sessions to FaceTime calls – with the consent of each family.

Every child and family will still be assessed and supported where needed by our qualified staff. Parents with specific concerns about any aspect of their baby’s health can still ask to see a nurse in person.

Did you know

In Melbourne, the number of babies born each month can be up to 120 or more. Our free maternal and child health service supports children from birth to school age.

The virtual service aims to deliver almost everything usually done within the maternal and child health centres.

Apart from conducting consultations by telephone or online, we continue to deliver a range of programs and information to help all parents feel more connected.

These include a sleep and settling program, new parents groups, and information about play groups. Lactation consultants are also available to provide advice on breastfeeding.

Immunisation currently takes place each month in Melbourne Town Hall.

Councillor Beverley Pinder, chair of the People City portfolio, said: ‘We aim to keep the maternal and child health service as normal as possible for new parents during this time.’

‘The team provides expert care even while respecting each family’s need for social distancing.’

For more information, visit Maternal and Child Health or call 9340 1444. To make or change a booking, you can also email

Providing virtual maternal and child health appointments is just one of the ways we have pivoted council operations to continue delivering essential services during the pandemic.

To find out more about adjustments to services, visit Our response to COVID-19.