Five arty school holiday adventures

Bring the whole family back to the city these school holidays to enjoy quirky and affordable creative experiences at ArtPlay, or order creative play home-delivered.

We have many workshops and creative experiences for children aged 3 to 13 on offer this month, including an interactive sound work and escape rooms with a twist.

Here are five experiences not to miss.

1. Sound Capsule for Future Humans
For kids aged 7 to 12
Create a soundscape dedicated to the sounds of Birrarung Marr using percussion and voice, working with expert musicians. Then be part of the band at the burial of the sound capsule, which will be dug up by kids in 100 years. No musical experience is necessary.

2. Imagination Gamespaces
For kids aged 9 to 12
Experience immersive escape rooms designed by children. Work together to think outside the box, decipher clues and solve puzzles to unravel each room’s mysteries in the nick of time. Read our interview with one of the artists behind Imagination Gamespaces.

3. The Wayfinders
For kids aged 3 to 6
Explore the natural world animated with children’s voices in this interactive, beacon-activated sound-play experience. The trees, rocks and footpaths in the mini forest behind ArtPlay are alive with voices and only kids can hear what they are saying. Each child must be accompanied by an adult.

4. Special Delivery
For kids aged 8 to 12
Find the extraordinary in ordinary surroundings with a home-delivered art experience like no other. Designed by professional artists, these activities will fill your school holidays with photography, sculpture, role play, creative writing and – above all – imagination.

5. Feather Quest
For kids aged 4 to 8
Gather treasures like a bowerbird, discover your family birdcall and soar through your home. This interactive indoor adventure for families shadows the life of a bird, from the warmth and intimacy of the nest to the freedom of the wide-open sky.

ArtPlay welcomes everyone.

To help us prepare for your participation, please contact us if you have a medical condition, allergy or access requirement that we should be made aware of in advance.

To find out more, browse all of ArtPlay’s school holiday activities.