Eco-friendly family and children’s centre

Our brand new Lady Huntingfield Early Learning and Family Services Centre in North Melbourne is ready to welcome children and families in 2021.

After 77 years, the former centre was demolished to make way for a new two-storey facility, designed with a focus on sustainability.

The new, multi-functional centre responds to the needs of a growing and culturally diverse population.

It accommodates 106 places for children on the ground floor and maternal and child health services on the upper floor, along with spaces for playgroups, family support, counselling and community services.

Here are five design features that will help minimise environmental impacts over the life of the building:

1. renewable energy, harnessed through the use of a ground heat exchanger as part of the heating and cooling of the building

2. sub-floor construction partially filled with basalt rocks to help pre-cool incoming air, particularly in the summer months

3. solar panels to generate electricity on site, and energy efficient LED light fittings

4. natural ventilation and good insulation, alongside motorised double-glazed louvres, a thermal chimney and large ceiling fans

5. rainwater harvesting and water efficient fittings.

To find out more about the Lady Huntingfield centre, and other services for families and children in your neighbourhood, visit Children.