Eat fresh for winter wellbeing

Prioritise your wellbeing, local businesses and the planet during winter and beyond by following these three simple tips for mindful meals.

1. Skip the snack aisle

Shop around the perimeter of a supermarket to find healthy, unpackaged whole foods like fresh fruit and vegetables. Eat a ‘rainbow’ of seasonal produce to enjoy the health benefits.

Winter delights include cauliflower, kale, sweet potato, radicchio and citrus fruits. When spring arrives, look out for avocados, eggplant, artichoke, watermelon and pineapple.

To find out more, visit Healthy Choices.

2. Support local business

Queen Victoria Market, farmers’ markets and independent grocers need your support all year round. These vibrant places offer not only the freshest and most varied local produce, but also the opportunity to support small family businesses.

3. Grow your own food

Experience the joy of harvesting vegetables and herbs from your own garden or pots. Get the kids to research how to grow garlic from a clove, or regrow spring onions from cuttings.

Wondering how to dispose of your food scraps mindfully? Visit Waste to find out how to get a discounted home composting system or Bokashi bucket.

Did you know
Only four per cent of Melburnians ate the recommended five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit per day according to our last Community Indicator survey. Let’s work together to boost this number.