10 creative activities for kids to do at home

Our clever team at ArtPlay has come up with 10 great ideas to keep crafty kids engaged and entertained while we’re spending more time at home.

1. Publish your own book with the WePublish App

Write, illustrate, and publish your own book with Kids’ Own Publishing’s WePublish App. Use an iPad to create your book, then export the finished product to share with family and friends.

2. Learn to weave on a crafty homemade loom

Use wool and cardboard to make a loom and weave some colourful art to hang on your wall with instructions from Tate Kids.

3. Draw a narrative portrait

Be inspired by Brisbane-based artist Ryan Presley to draw a narrative portrait of someone in your life, through sketching and folding, thanks to the Art Gallery of South Australia.

4. Design a digital outfit with tropical flair

Learn about Rotuman patterns with Letila Mitchell from Rako, an artist collective based in Fiji, New Zealand and Australia. Design your island outfit online with customisable colours, patterns and fabrics.

5. Make and share your artwork with the world

Dabble around in Tate Paint, without making a mess, then submit your artwork the Tate Kids online gallery, alongside artwork created by other children.

6. Make a shadow puppet

Tell imaginative stories and act out creative scenes using this Craft Victoria tutorial, which shows you how to make your own shadow puppets to entertain your audience at home.

7. Enter into the action with this audio adventure

Say goodbye to screens and hello to headphones as this adventure is all about audio and your imagination. Tune into Audioplay to become the main character in your story, using furniture and household objects as your props.

8. Bang out the fun on your tin can drum

Turn your recycling and leftover party supplies into a banging drum kit, thanks to Craft Victoria. Use different sized cans to build a whole kit and then decorate it with stickers, plaint or pens.

9. Build your own binoculars

Making binoculars using materials in your home is child’s play with the help of this charming tutorial from Polyglot Theatre artist Ashlee Hughs.

10. Record a podcast and share your story with the world

New York-based Pineapple Street Studios is calling for podcasts from children around the world. What is it like where you are, and what have you been up to? Record your podcast and share your story.

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