ArtPlay New Ideas Lab seeks creatives

Do you have an idea for a brand new creative project that could be co-designed with children or families? Submit your proposal to the ArtPlay New Ideas Lab by Friday 26 March.

If you need inspiration, look no further than current New Ideas Lab project Imagination Gamespaces, which has seen local kids creating interactive ‘escape rooms’ with fantastical storylines and riddles.

About ArtPlay
ArtPlay brings together children, families and artists to explore and create innovative arts experiences at its premises at Birrarung Marr and online.

Led by Brendan Ternus, Alia Syed Rose and Shaun Wykes from Radical Attic, Imagination Gamespaces included immersive game design, creative writing, visual art and performance-based activities.

‘One of the things I’ve learned from this project is how powerful kids and their ideas can be,’ Brendan said.

‘We gave kids the agency and space to create whole new worlds, and it was clear what is on their minds: the environment, wealth, equality, conflict, peace, and heroes trying to make an impact in their communities.

‘Reflecting these values and concerns is so important, particularly in this topsy-turvy world we are living in. Art can help communities reinvent themselves. It is also a real antidote to disconnection.’

Brendan moved to Melbourne three and a half years ago after working on education projects in China, France, Japan and the United States. Melbourne’s thriving youth arts scene has enriched his creative career.

‘ArtPlay is one of the most supportive environments I’ve encountered all over the world,’ Brendan said.

‘The New Ideas Lab supports your process from the inception of an idea all the way through to execution and, if you aren’t an established artist, the team can connect you with a mentor to help grow your ideas.

‘All the New Ideas Lab projects are very different but everyone is on the same page about the value of collaboration with kids and bringing their voices to the fore.

‘ArtPlay also helps New Ideas Lab projects find new audiences after the program is over through a showcase that connects you with industry leaders. So it’s the gift that keeps on giving.’

Book now to see the final showings of Imagination Gamespaces in the April school holidays.

How to apply

After a year of disruption, the 2021 ArtPlay New Ideas Lab will support four proposals for brand new work to be co-created with children or families, with each project valued from $10,000 to $20,000.

Artists from all disciplines and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Applicants do not necessarily need experience in working with children, but a passion and enthusiasm for involving children in the creative process is essential.

Expressions of interest are now open and close at 5pm on Friday 26 March. Information sessions will be held on Tuesday 2 March 5pm to 6pm at ArtPlay and on Wednesday 10 March from 12pm to 1pm online.

For more information, visit ArtPlay.