Apps reward smart travel

With traffic congestion, carbon emissions and wellbeing key concerns for cities around the world, new apps are encouraging people to change the way they travel.

Freewheeler – a joint winner of Resilient Melbourne’s global Citymart Challenge – rewards people who travel on foot, by bike or public transport through discounts at local businesses.

‘I’ve always preferred to get around on foot and public transport and I like places that are green and vibrant,’ said Alex Fletcher, the West Australian creator of Freewheeler.

‘Sustainable transport helps achieve good communities.’

After creating a buzz on the international startup scene, Freewheeler went on to jointly win the Citymart Challenge alongside Joinwheels, a Victorian app that connects travellers taking similar routes.

The winners are receiving support from the City of Melbourne and other Citymart stakeholders to take their ideas to the next level.

‘It is clear that if we want our cities to be good places for us to live, for the long term, we need to start focusing on people and sustainability, not cars and sprawl,’ Alex said.

‘If lots of people end up using Freewheeler, it will provide vital decision-making data for cities, and also function as a real-time transport optimisation tool – a way to actively influence use of the transport network.’

Joinwheels is already up and running in Melbourne, with Freewheeler still under development. Visit us online for details.

Resilient Melbourne’s Citymart Challenge invited innovative thinkers from around the globe to submit creative, impactful and feasible ideas to reduce traffic congestion and improve social connectivity.

For more information, visit Resilient Melbourne.