Accelerator boosts city startups

See Melbourne’s top retail and hospitality startups grow and shine thanks to our new 12-month accelerator program, run in partnership with RMIT Activator and Hub Australia.

The CoM X program will offer five startups world-class self-guided learning, a premier co-working space, coaching, and networking to help them evolve, innovate and stimulate our day and night-time economies.

Julian Burak, Founder of personal shopping and styling service A Good Man, is one of the participants.

The business is dedicated to transforming men’s wardrobes, making fashion more accessible and supporting independent retailers, and Julian is looking forward to taking it to new heights.

‘Mainly it’s my clients who inspire me. A Good Man has become much more than just buying clothes. It’s about looking good, feeling good, and doing good,’ Julian said.

‘The accelerator program helps both the business and the founder. Not only are there strategies, roadmaps and goals being held in place for the business, there are strategies, tools and support to help in navigating this venture as a founder.

‘I have a particular vision of the company and I am looking forward to getting myself on the right track towards that end goal. Most importantly, doing it properly with the new connections and partners we meet and collaborate with.’

If you are interested in launching a startup, Julian has some good advice: ‘It takes a village to raise a child. So get involved in the community, be as open as you can be during the development stage and make sure your baby is getting the support it needs.’

For more information, visit Accelerator Program.