10 young artists on show in Northbank

Head to Northbank before Sunday 3 November to experience large-scale video artworks and atmospheric soundscapes created by young Melburnians.

Each year, we commission up to 10 emerging artists aged 16 to 25 to produce new screen- and sound-based works through Signal, our creative studio for young people.

The artists are mentored by industry professionals and the works are projected onto Signal’s outdoor screens or played on our 18-speaker ‘sound walk’.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s in store this year.

Screen commissions

1. Cielo Croci
Show You Your Mind
Pause to reflect on this study of mindfulness and meditation. In a world where action is prioritised as the foundation of storytelling, this work experiments with engaging an audience through stillness.

2. Remi Freer
Explore the visual phenomena of phosphenes, where the brain sees grids and splotches of light in the dark of our eyelids. This work uses a system of feedback loops, custom software and algorithms.

3. Roshan Ramesh
Past Present Future
Watch portraits of eight diverse creative people merge together to form a Hindu deity. This illustration-based work celebrates difference, and unity through shared oppression.

4. Hugo Rose
Line Dance
See everyday characters and situations imbued with surreal and mystical elements. Shot on film, these dreamy, hand-processed images evoke energy, movement, playfulness and creativity.

5. Alice Watson
I see you, you don’t see me
Amid the fast-paced rhythm of the city, follow one girl’s journey as she lingers on a bridge on the coldest night of the year.  Ask yourself what captured by the camera, and what is not.

The screen commissions play daily from 6.30pm to 10pm.

Sound commissions

1. Thao Ly and Lê Quyên
Công ơn cha mẹ như trời biển
Thao’s mum Quyên drew up in the countryside of Vietnam and had no means to fulfil her dreams of being a singer. Until now. This work features sounds from the family home and themes of belonging.

2. Winnie McQuinn
Drums in Motion
Hear Melbourne drummers play off the rhythms and percussive flourishes of the city itself. Footsteps, sires, trains and trams add to the work’s intricacies and chaos.

3. Connor Ross
Spaces In Between
Listen to a unique combination of environmental soundscapes and composed music, which together create a harmonious audio landscape of natural and non-natural sounds.

4. Mara Schwerdtfeger
Unrecognised Interference
Reflect on the cultural and meditative symbolism of water. This environmentally-minded work uses digital manipulation to transform sounds of the Yarra River into a droning, ambient soundscape.

5. Ruby Willis
Dissolving Clarinet Loops
This spectral and minimalist work combines idiosyncratic instrumental composition with unique, layered acoustic processing inspired by Alvin Lucier.

The sound commissions play from 8am to 9.30am, 12.30 to 1.30pm and 5.30pm to 6.30pm on weekdays, and from 12.30pm to 1.30pm and 5pm to 6.30pm on weekends.

To read more about these works, head to Signal Screen Commissions and Signal Sound Commissions.