People power shapes market

A 40-person People’s Panel is deliberating on how to improve trader and customer facilities at Queen Victoria Market.

The group of independently-selected traders, customers, local residents and key stakeholders was thoroughly briefed on the history of the seven-hectare market site and its operating challenges and needs.

Guided by a set of principles, the People’s Panel has been carefully considering where and how best to deliver infrastructure and amenities for the market’s 30,000 average daily visitors and 2000 workers.

This includes considering the needs of the many traders who don’t currently have access to power, water or storage, how to manage the 5000 tonnes of waste generated annually, open space, parking and more.

Simon Ambrose is Chief Executive Officer of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), one of the organisations represented on the panel.

‘We recognise the market’s significance as one of the only major 19th-century markets in Australia to survive intact and operational, and its social significance as an important shopping, leisure and meeting place,’ Simon said.

‘The National Trust sees the People’s Panel as an opportunity to work with the market renewal team, understand the vision for the market, and advocate for positive heritage outcomes for traders and shoppers of the historic site.’

The recommendations will inform a revised design proposal, to be lodged with Heritage Victoria and relevant approval authorities in 2019.

To find out more, visit Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal.