Have your say on heritage

Heritage is about more than history lessons and old buildings. It’s about our sense of place as a community, our traditions, culture, memories and the ways parts of our city make us feel.

The State Library forecourt, for example, has become a significant site over many years as a place for peace rallies, arts events and the recent celebration of marriage equality.

RMIT university also holds special significance for many, not only for its academic value but for its genesis as a ‘working man’s college’, backed by donations to bring education to ‘ordinary’ people.

As part of the Hoddle Grid Heritage Review, you can help us understand which parts of our central city are important to you.

Your feedback will help us understand the ever-evolving cultural landscape of our central city, and build a rich evidence base to guide urban growth and conservation.

To have your say, and find out about our upcoming heritage walking tours, visit Participate.