Grey to green update

See local streetscapes reimagined over the coming months as several major projects begin, including the transformation of Southbank Boulevard and Dodds Street.

The work in Southbank will result in two and a half hectares of open space in our most densely-populated suburb, prioritising pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

Construction works for the first stage of the University Square Master Plan have also commenced. This long-term project will increase parkland, restore a failing landscape and create a new open space hub for local residents.

Councillor Cathy Oke, Chair of the Environment portfolio, said the ‘grey to green’ projects are part of an ambitious program of works to help maintain a balance between open space and amenity as our city grows.

‘Over the past 30 years, we have converted 80 hectares of underused asphalt and other infrastructure into expanded pedestrian footpaths and public open space. This process is ongoing,’ Cr Oke said.

‘Whether it’s sustainable landscapes, bluestone paving, street furniture, art, new trees or water management, this carefully-planned, long-term incremental change creates new places for people to live, work and play.’

Grey to green projects come in all shapes and sizes, with special projects underway in numerous locations: Boyd Park in Southbank, Hawke and Adderley Park in West Melbourne, Gardiner Reserve in North Melbourne and beyond.