Good design in focus

New developments in our central city will be more lively and inviting at eye level, and contribute to higher-quality streetscapes, thanks to a proposed planning scheme amendment.

The proposal is the first comprehensive review of urban design policies since the 1990s and seeks to ensure that every development makes a positive contribution to our city.

Over the past two decades, the City of Melbourne has made significant investments to create many world-class streets and public spaces.

However, research has shown that they are sometimes compromised by poorly-designed private developments that result in lifeless, or even unsafe, street frontages.

The proposed changes encourage developers to focus on how design impacts people’s experience of the city and to use the ingredients of our best precincts – such as pleasant walking environments, active frontages and good design – in all new developments. These qualities are key to the value and attractiveness of Melbourne.

The proposed planning scheme amendment is accompanied by comprehensive design guidelines. These visually articulate the intent of the new controls and offer greater clarity for architects, urban designers and developers.

The proposal has been developed in consultation with the industry and will be formally exhibited in the coming months.

During the exhibition, we will welcome your submissions on the proposed changes, to help ensure the quality of our future public realm.

To find out more, visit Participate.