Budget paves way for growth

Explore our bold vision for Melbourne’s future in our new Annual Plan and Budget.

The Budget outlines how more than $576 million will be invested in community services, programs and initiatives in 2018–19, with a major focus on capital works designed to help the city cope with rapid growth.

To help us support this growth with important new infrastructure, rates have increased by 2.25 per cent and parking fees in the central city have increased by $1.50 per hour. This is the first time parking fees have been increased since 2013.

Deputy Lord Mayor Arron Wood, Chair of the Finance and Governance portfolio, said the Budget delivers on our vision for our city’s growth, prosperity and liveability.

‘The Budget secures our competitive advantage as a top global city: as a premier location for business and knowledge sectors to expand and thrive. It increases expenditure on our core services and creates opportunities for our community,’ the Deputy Lord Mayor said.

‘The Budget secures our competitive advantage as a top global city.’

‘The state and federal budgets have talked about the unprecedented population growth and infrastructure investment, but City of Melbourne is where the rubber hits the road.

‘That’s why this budget delivers record investment on programs and services to keep Melburnians safe, ensure they have access to the best parks and gardens, clean streets, new community infrastructure and maintains our investment on our events, visitor and business services that are so vital for our economic growth and prosperity.

‘This Budget maintains our focus on that long-term thinking and paves the way for the largest investment in council’s history: the renewal of Queen Victoria Market.’

This is the second Annual Plan and Budget of our four-year Council Plan.


Open space and keeping Melbourne clean

•  $133.7 million on recycling, waste collection, street cleaning and public lighting

•  More than $7.1 million of investment in the renewal of Melbourne’s 480 hectares of parks and gardens

•  $22.7 million towards creating two hectares of open space on Southbank Boulevard

Families, youth and children

•  $18.6 million, including maternal and child health services, immunisations, parenting services, youth and student services

Disability, aged care and homelessness

•  $6.1 million on home and personal care, delivered meals, respite and community transport

Arts and culture

•  $16.3 million to support Melbourne’s arts, including more than $753,000 on our Indigenous Arts Program

Events, city promotion and tourism

•  $36.4 million to promote the city, including major events such as Moomba, New Year’s Eve and Christmas

Health, safety and wellbeing

•  $36 million in state-funded initiatives, including bollards and CCTV

Libraries and community strengthening

•  $12.5 million to operate our six libraries and community hubs

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