War on waste a team effort

Holiday-makers are joining forces with local residents and businesses to help fight the war on waste.

Rubbish was becoming a major problem at Quest Flemington Apartment Hotel, with garbage bins overflowing and lots of recyclables ending up in landfill due to being disposed of incorrectly.

To help the apartments become more sustainable, the City of Melbourne provided free recycling tubs for every apartment, up-sized collection bins, recycling training sessions for staff and educational materials for guests through our High Rise Recycling Program.

Theresa Lovric, Manager of Quest Flemington, said that getting everyone involved and educated was a major driver to the project’s success.

‘We felt half of our guests were already mindful and consciously setting rubbish aside into its particular categories,’ Theresa said.

‘So we felt improving our waste management was a goal we could achieve together.’

The simple changes have had big results, with the hotel’s volume of recycling increasing by three tonnes per year. That’s the equivalent of 212 wheelie bins.

‘We have loved every part of this project – making a difference to the world and local environment, and working together as a team,’ Theresa said.

‘It’s been so easy, and all our guests loved the project as well.

‘The strong visual of big yellow buckets, and different colours for different rubbish, greatly aided the cohesiveness of the project.’

‘It’s been so easy, and all our guests loved the project as well.’

Following its success, the Quest team is now considering opportunities for future green projects, such as solar panels.

Leave them loose
Recyclables need to be loose when placed in the bin, never in plastic bags. Use a container or box to store your recyclables before tipping them into the bin.

No need to rinse
Save water – your recyclables don’t need to be sparkling clean, just empty.

Know your plastics
Hard plastic packaging that keeps its structure or bounces back when you squash it goes into your recycle bin. Find out how to recycle soft plastic packaging and wrap.

Can your caps
Steel bottle caps can be collected in an old food can. When the can is full, carefully squash the top closed and place it in the recycle bin.

Avoid waste in the first place
Remember your reusable shopping bags, carry a refillable water bottle, use a real cup for coffee and say no to plastic cutlery and straws.

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