Top spots to study

From the iconic La Trobe Reading Room at the State Library, to the grassy slopes of the Royal Botanic Gardens, there are plenty of beautiful places to read, study and expand your mind in our city.

The team at the City of Literature office shared with us four of their all-time favourites and lesser-known gems.

Library at the Dock
They have egg chairs you can sit in with built-in speakers where you can program your own music. Otherwise it’s quiet, and the barista is really good.

City Circle Tram
A zero-fare tram that loops Melbourne, perfect for lulling one into a studying stupor, servicing both kinds of people: those who are more productive clockwise, and those more productive anti-clockwise.

Food Court, Emporium Melbourne
Outside of mealtimes, the food court on the top floor is quiet, with comfy leather chairs, sustenance nearby and a nice city view to procrastinate or daydream into.

Mezzanine Lounge, Victoria Hotel
A very quiet room full of couches, with lots of light. You can stay there all day and eventually the bar will open. Also, there’s a fish tank.

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Did you know that Melbourne is currently celebrating 10 years as a UNESCO City of Literature? The title honours our rich urban literary landscape, including publishing initiatives, education, events, libraries, translation of foreign texts and new media.