New Ideas Lab seeks artists

Artists with bright ideas for projects to develop in collaboration with children and families are invited to apply to ArtPlay’s New Ideas Lab.

Last year, the Invisible Light Garden invited children to become ‘gardeners’ in a feast of interactive augmented reality and projection dreamed up by Mosster Studio.

Daniel Calvo, Director and Toymaker, said children took part in workshops to help develop the installation, which has since won most popular children’s arts experience at the Beijing Design Week.

‘The children created the flowers and plants, designed the soundscape, decided how intense the animations should be, and gave a lot of thought to what the installation should feel like,’ Daniel said.

‘The result is a shared vision of a place where art and nature come together.’

Daniel said the New Ideas Lab gave his team the chance to transform an idea into reality, with access to an amazing location and plenty of pint-sized collaborators.

‘An important part of ArtPlay’s role in the creation of this work was the requirement to have workshops as a part of the development process,’ Daniel said.

‘This not only became a key aspect of the Invisible Light Garden, it also opened us up to embracing this kind of participatory and shared creation as a core goal of what we do as an experience design studio.’

Expressions of interest for the ArtPlay New Ideas Lab are open from 19 February to 30 March 2018.

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