Eat a rainbow

Spring is here and it’s time to enjoy tasty seasonal produce like berries, peas, asparagus, cucumbers, chillies, globe artichokes and zucchinis.

We know it’s best for our health to avoid processed foods that are high in fat, sodium and sugar, and to eat only when we are hungry. But did you know the health benefits of ‘eating a rainbow’?

Plant-based whole foods of bright and varied colours offer the highest amounts of nutrients and antioxidants, so they’re great for you and the environment.

Here are four top tips to help you make healthy choices while you enjoy Melbourne’s attractions and foodie hotspots:

  • Spot nutritious food options at our events, festivals and recreation centres by looking out for our Healthy Choices options, marked with a green traffic light or apple icon.
  • Find fresh, affordable produce at places like Queen Victoria Market, the Community Grocer in Carlton and the Melbourne Farmers Markets in Carlton and at the University of Melbourne.
  • Avoid the middle aisles when you shop at supermarkets. Whole foods and fresh produce are usually found around the outside.
  • Get involved with your local community garden to get hands on growing fresh food and make new friends.

To find out more about community gardens, read Good food grown local.