Child’s eye view

Reconnect with your inner child when the world premiere of Lone is presented at Arts House this June.

Created by a group of children aged 8 to 11, the performance installation explores their perspective on safety, privacy, authority and the adult gaze.

Lone is a creative collaboration between Emma Valente and Kate Davis from experimental theatre group The Rabble, and St Martins.

‘Being alone as a child can be wondrous, imaginative, scary and exciting. Lone tries to recapture this feeling,’ Emma said.

‘It is designed as a contemplative space, a place where adults are given space to be alone, away from distraction and stress.

‘Being alone as a child can be wondrous, imaginative, scary and exciting.’

‘In this space a child will invite an audience member to reflect and reimagine their own lives, childhood and their relationship to being alone.

‘We hope the experience is beautiful, melancholic, contemplative and joyful.’

Lone runs from 8 to 17 June.

This project was developed through the Arts House CultureLAB program. St Martins also received funding through our Arts Grant Program.

For more information, visit Arts House.