Urban forest with a twist

Power up your phone and ponder how clean energy can transform future Melbourne under our new solar tree.

Designed in response to a challenge from the Sustainable Living Festival, the tree collects solar energy in its branches and funnels it down a central tree trunk-like pillar.

Phone charging sockets, LED lighting and a circular seat panelled with wood reclaimed from our aging trees complete the unique design, which represents how we can harness the earth’s natural energy.

Walter Terella from Leadsun, which provided the solar technology, said he sees solar energy becoming a main source of power for our future communities.

‘I have seen solar energy technologies advance over many years, especially in our field where solar panels now collect more sun rays, and batteries store more energy and provide more luminous output with less power,’ Walter said.

‘We are continuously researching and developing products that can be powered by solar and introducing them to councils such as City of Melbourne who are always open to environmentally friendly products that service the community.

‘While solar energy is not fully practical in all areas or applications, our great land has the space to harness the sun’s rays and it’s a positive step forward to leave a future for our children.’

Keep an eye out for the portable solar tree around the municipality during Melbourne Knowledge Week and beyond.