The art of coding

Learn to code at ArtPlay with Yuma, Melbourne’s own eleven-year-old app guru.

As one of the world’s youngest iOS developers, Yuma has published seven apps. They include a talking calculator and Let’s Stack AR!, which allows you to measure a tower of blocks against your house.

‘I started coding when I was six because I had so much free time after school and I wanted to do something other than watching TV,’ Yuma said.

‘A lot of people think that I am good at coding, but I think that I’m just a normal kid. I just work hard and keep practising – that’s how I was able to make many apps.

‘Also, I see how coding will be the language of the future, so I want to keep teaching kids to prepare for this.’

Yuma has been sharing his skills on his YouTube channel, Anyone Can Code, since he was nine and last year he was the youngest scholarship winner at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference.

At the event, he enjoyed meeting Apple CEO Tim Cook and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

During Melbourne Knowledge Week, Yuma is heading to ArtPlay to show other kids that coding is fun. ArtPlay will provide the iPads, so all participants need to bring is their creativity.

‘Just be curious and keep practising, and from there you can accomplish anything and make your dreams come true.’

And for those of us who still think coding sounds too tricky, Yuma reminds us that it took Thomas Edison countless attempts to make the lightbulb.

‘Just be curious and keep practicing, and from there you can accomplish anything and make your dreams come true,’ Yuma said.

‘In the future, other than being Batman (just joking), I want to keep making apps and my ultimate goal is to make an app that can help people.

‘For example, with wearable technology you can predict illnesses before they happen. Imagine what the future will be with the continuous improvement of this technology.’

Yuma’s workshop, The Art of Coding, will take place on Saturday 12 May at ArtPlay.

Did you know that there are over five million apps worldwide? To find links to Yuma’s online games and apps, visit Made By Yuma.