Six ways our lives may change in the future

What will life be like in our future city? Glimpse the possibilities of cyborg colleagues, driverless buses, screen-smart kids, increased community wellbeing and more at Melbourne Knowledge Week.

Here are six fascinating topics to explore and debate during the festival from 20 to 26 May.

Reimagine your future working life, when faster and smarter AI, robots and cyborgs may be commonplace at the Workplace performance installation. Then discover how to automate the boring out of your job and find work with meaning and purpose.

Debate how to bring up happy, healthy and engaged kids in the digital age. Hear from experts about screen skills and junk playgrounds, and take part in a real-time poll at The art of play: Should kids be outdoors or online?

Ponder how we can improve our wellbeing and build a greater sense of community as our population grows through better design of high-rise housing. Then find out how data can also help build caring communities at Data smarts to live better together.

Take a ride on a driverless bus and find out about our city’s world-first living laboratory that tests technologies that aim to improve transport safety, congestion and sustainability. Or hear how live data and low-priced accessible technology might help in Connectivity and the future of transport.

How do you feel about your phone reading your body language? Find out how future systems will cause us to question our relationships with devices and each other from University of Melbourne experts. Then take an augmented reality trip inside your body.

Get down with the ghouls, ghosts, rituals and experiences of death and co-design the ideal space and place for healthy dying at Melbourne: The world’s most death-able city. Or share your perceptions of ageing and dying over drinks and nibbles at Lymbo.

To find out more, visit Melbourne Knowledge Week.