Six top tips for Melbourne Knowledge Week

Taste the future of food, supercharge your start-up and glimpse our future city in 3D at Melbourne Knowledge Week from 20 to 26 May.

Turning 10 this year, Melbourne Knowledge Week celebrates all things smart and innovative, from robotic arms, to mind-bending music and even tiny houses. Most events are free.

Here are six festival highlights not to miss.

1. Explore our future city
Deep-dive into Melbourne’s future through this immersive blend of physical and digital worlds. Melbourne City DNA features projections, 3D models and virtual reality.

2. Watch Waleed Aly live
Explore the moral and philosophical questions of the week with Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens at this special live recording of The Minefield for ABC Radio National.

3. Dine with Bruce Pascoe
Take your seat in our festival hub restaurant for a bush food infused dinner, while Bruce Pascoe – acclaimed author of Dark Emu – shares insights into pre-colonial Aboriginal agriculture.

4. Learn on your lunch break
Head to Wheeler Centre in the middle of the day to ponder big questions, like: ‘So, what if we didn’t have prisons?’, ‘So, what if AFL could cure democracy?’, and ‘So what if Melbourne was under water?

5. Test out a ‘future street’
Head to our Prototype Street in North Melbourne to find out how 5G, smart lighting, sustainable transport and smart homes can shape our daily lives. Then take a ride on the autonobus driverless bus.

6. Supercharge your start-up
Boost your entrepreneurial spirit over breakfast through a thought-provoking series of talks. Topics include: ‘Automate the boring out of your job’, and ‘From start-up to scale up’.

To find out more, visit Melbourne Knowledge Week.