Raising the Bar

Do nerds run the world? Is the future non-binary? Is Star Trek our most important myth?

Hear 25 of our city’s creative thinkers expound their theories on these topics and more at seven city bars on Wednesday 28 November.

Raising the Bar aims to bring education into the popular culture through free talks in surprising locations.

Here are five talks not to miss. But be quick – they’re selling out fast.

1. Karaoke Academia
Settle into a booth at Party World Karaoke Bar to hear three randomly-selected academics deliver short presentations on their fascinating research projects, followed by a karaoke song of their choice.

2. Why can’t we just vote online?
Could we swap paper and pencil for digital voting while avoiding fraud? Hear what Vanessa Teague has learnt from 10 years of deliberations with international experts at Horse Bazaar.’

3. Is the future non-binary?
How does the binary-busting online world affect our social understanding of gender? Partake in an exercise of creative digital self-making with Dr Son Vivienne from RMIT University at Horse Bazaar.

4. Young people and sex: What’s changed in Australia the past 25 years?
Find out how the sexual lives and literacy of young people have changed since the era of Paul Keating and Nirvana. Presented by Professor Jayne Lucke from La Trobe University at Loop Bar.

5. Can you loathe the musician but still love the music?
In the wake of the #metoo movement, what do you do when you find out that your favourite artist has done something inexcusable? Hear from RMIT University’s Dr Catherine Strong at Loop Bar.

To find out more, visit Raising the Bar.