New voices at Arts House

Marvel at an epic laser light show and see Australia’s best contemporary dancers in action as a vibrant Season One unfolds at Arts House.

New Artistic Director Emily Sexton aims to both honour the spirit of the beloved North Melbourne institution and push new boundaries with her debut season.

‘Reinvention is part of Arts House’s DNA. And, as a leader in the Australian arts community, there’s an expectation that we progress industry goals for diversity and new voices,’ Emily said.

‘As such, we’re proud that this first season has celebrated trans and intersex contemporary artists, and that it features so many First Nations artists as well.’

Emily encouraged people new to contemporary theatre to dive in to the program and be inspired by how talented performers use their craft to explore thought-provoking issues.

‘There’s no one way to experience art. In fact, the best art will stir your heart and mind in all sorts of strange ways, and expand how you think,’ Emily said.

‘It’s like a good run around the park. It makes you feel a bit more alive.’

Dance Massive runs from 12 to 24 March. Spectral runs from 11 to 18 April.

Season highlights

‘Dance Massive is basically contemporary dance Christmas for me. All the good treats, over-indulgence in new art, and a coming-together of the best choreographers from around the country.’
Emily Sexton
Artistic Director, Arts House

‘Spectral is an odyssey of light and sound, featuring a concerto for laser beam, and a solar panel as an instrument. It’s wonderful to see Arts House continue to trail-blaze and enrich our Creative City through this exciting program.’
Councillor Rohan Leppert
Chair of the Arts, Culture and Heritage Portfolio

Did you know
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