Metro tunnel: what it means for you

Five new train stations will transform how we make our way around the central city when the Metro Tunnel opens in 2025.

On Swanston Street, the new State Library and Town Hall stations will improve access to city landmarks and make life easier for the street’s 50,000 daily pedestrians – a figure that has quadrupled since 1992.

The new North Melbourne Station will trigger significant urban renewal in the Arden precinct: an area that will become home to 15,000 residents and more than 34,000 jobs in the next 30 years.

Parkville Station will enable train access to our world-renowned education, health and research precinct – including the University of Melbourne and Royal Melbourne Hospital – for the first time.

And, strategically placed to ease pressure on the busiest tram corridor in the world, Anzac Station on St Kilda Road will feature a convenient train to tram interchange and help people access our vibrant arts precinct and Shrine of Remembrance.

Evan Tattersall, CEO of Rail Projects Victoria, said the Metro Tunnel Project will not only cater for population growth but also create unique opportunities for residents and businesses.

‘The project will make our city more inclusive by helping more people access employment, health, education, sporting, entertainment and cultural opportunities in the central city,’ Evan said.

‘By enabling more workers to access a highly productive and employment-dense area, the benefits will flow to the city’s businesses, employees, and the economy at large, creating a sustainable population and more jobs.

‘Improved rail services will also encourage travellers to leave their cars at home, reducing traffic congestion by more than 18,000 cars at peak hour.’

The Metro Tunnel is the biggest public transport project in Victoria’s history.

Find out more on the Metro Tunnel website.