Memories of the grid

Melburnians have shared stories of Aboriginal heritage, favourite laneways, activism, family and first kisses on our community engagement platform, Participate Melbourne.

The Hoddle Grid Heritage Review invited locals to share treasured memories about central Melbourne to help us understand what people value about our city and what qualities we need to retain as it grows.

‘The lawn of the State Library is significant for me as it’s where I went to my first ever rally in the early 2000s,’ said equal rights activist Ali Hogg, who led a walking tour during the review.

‘Stories help us decide our principles and values and help shape us.’

‘It is where we started all of our rallies for marriage equality right up until the day we won.

‘If I hadn’t read and been told stories about civil rights struggles, I would probably never have been inspired to be the activist I am today. Stories help us decide our principles and values and help shape us.’

Here are just a few of the other memories captured on Participate Melbourne:

•  ‘My husband worked at Flinders Street Station for many years and loved it. He was thrilled to have climbed the clock tower to help wind the clock.’

•  ‘I remember AC/DC performing on the back of a truck on Swanston Street for the filming of the legendary clip for It’s a Long Way to the Top in 1976.’

•  ‘I love visiting the steps of Parliament on a warm summer night. They retain the heat from the day as you watch the sunset down Bourke Street (with an ice cream in hand from across the road).’

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