Bright futures for kids in Carlton

Young families are invited to register their interest in a new integrated early learning centre, opening in 2019 at Carlton Primary School. The City of Melbourne has committed $4.9 million to develop the new Early Years and Family Services Centre, which will bring education and care, maternal and child health, parenting services and playgroups under one roof. Sue West, Group Leader of Policy Equity and Translation at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, said integrated, co-located services of this kind are more accessible and can result in earlier identification of developmental problems. ‘Children enjoy environments that are designed specifically with them in mind and where they can transition easily from one program to another,’ Sue said. ‘Research suggests that children who live in communities with integrated services tend to show better social development and greater independence and self-regulation.’ Collectively, the new Carlton Early Years and Family Services Centre and the redeveloped Carlton Primary School – the latter project led by the State Government – will be known as the Carlton Central Learning Precinct. The first of its kind in the City of Melbourne, the precinct will provide seamless care and education for children aged zero to 12, including 98 childcare places to prepare for our growing population. ‘Over the past few decades, families have become more diverse and the circumstances under which they are raising young children have changed dramatically,’ Sue said. ‘As a result, parenting young children has become a more complex and stressful task for many families, and there are more families with complex needs. ‘Therefore, governments and service providers have decided that early childhood and family support services need to be reconfigured to more effectively support young children and their families.’ Registrations for long day care and kindergarten at the Carlton Early Years and Family Services Centre are … Continue reading Bright futures for kids in Carlton