A year in numbers

It’s been another huge year for the City of Melbourne, and we’ve accomplished a remarkable amount together.

Here is just a fraction of the great work done in 2017 to make the difference to Melbourne:

  • We completed 11 streetscape improvements and two park expansions.
  • A record-breaking 970 new Australian citizens attended ceremonies at the Melbourne Town Hall.
  • We collected 123,320kg of waste from parks and gardens throughout the municipality.
  • We planted 104,000 bluebell bulbs in Argyle Square.
  • We helped 2968 children safely navigate a busy crossing, every day.
  • We answered 265,353 enquiries through our customer contact centre.
  • Rangers attended 180 requests for wildlife rescue.
  • We held 102 environmental education sessions, engaging with 3000 children over various programs.
  • We towed 5647 vehicles located in clearways, improving people’s journey to and from the city.
  • Four laneways have been greened as part of the Green Your Laneway project.
  • Our Open Data platform had 24,111 users.
  • We engaged 1790 volunteers from the community.

To test your knowledge of more City of Melbourne facts, take part in our trivia challenge.

Green trivia

Q. How many trees does City of Melbourne plant each year?
A. 3000

Q. A two-million litre water tank installed in which square, at the top of a catchment, will reduce the risk of flooding in Elizabeth Street?
A. Lincoln Square

Q. Which energy source will supply power to the City of Melbourne and its 13 partners in the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project?
A. Wind, from a Pacific Hydro wind farm near Ararat

Q. Walking accounts for 60, 66 or 75 per cent of all trips within the municipality?
A. 66 per cent

Q. In which central city street did a pop-up park open for summer?
A. Elizabeth Street, at the south end